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We realise the coexistence of shorter and longer term products. Perfecting a fragrance takes more than just science, it forces even expert perfumers to delve deeper into their creative flair and instinct, and our talented perfumers are always striving to distant themselves from the ordinary. Since our forefathers have been designing and compounding fragrances, we have maintained a forefront position in the market by ensuring we have the best and leading perfumers from around the world. Tremendous technical skill in fragrance oil development and technology combined, leads to endless development possibilities in fragrance design.

We ensure the perfection of a product through a comprehensive process. Each fragrance is worked on by a perfumer, an evaluator and a marketing professional. The smooth team effort combined with the thorough understanding of the customer and the market leaves no technicality in production.

Our facility makes use of smelling booths to support our evaluation team with candle burning analysis. Washers and dryers are used to ensure fragrance consistency in wet and dry clothing as well as sinks and showers for personal care testing. The quality control department works meticulously to guarantee the stability of fragrances in the customer’s products. Market research, focus groups and panel testing is often utilised to support the validity of the fragrances. These procedures ensure the consistent development of new aromas and fragrance types.

Clients can choose from an extensive collection of fragrances for applications ranging from household, air-care, industrial products, toiletries and candles. Our catalogue is constantly updated to ensure we have an extensive range of fully tested compounds available.

Our close relationship with clients has become an essential component of our culture. This synergy ensures a successful outcome. Ultimately whether a client chooses a bespoke fragrance or one from our design collection, we guarantee the highest quality and endless consistency.